Frsky Rx Version and DSMX Rx Version

The BETAFPV BNF brushed drones use the BETAFPV F3 flight controller with Frsky receiver/DSM receiver integrated. So you could go to the manual of How to Bind Your Radio Transmitter for help.

Flysky Rx Version

The Flysky receiver on BETAFPV BNF brushed drone is external receiver named Flysky RX2A Pro Receiver.

This receiver only support AFHDS 2A mode and does not support AFHDS mode, please turn on this mode in your radio transmitter before use. 

How To Bind:

1) Make the transmitter enter BIND mode.

2) Press and hold the Binding button, and supply power to the receiver. LED blinks fast means entering the binding mode.

3) The LED indicator become slowly blink means the binding is succeed.

4) Make the transmitter quit the BIND mode, the receiver LED indicator stay on means receiving signal.

Futaba Rx Version

The Futaba receiver on BETAFPV BNF brushed drone is external receiver named Futaba RX800-PRO Receiver. Only Futaba S-FHSS protocol is supported.

How to Bind:

1) Power on the radio transmitter.

2) Power on the the drone (or receiver) while pressing the bind key on the receiver. Then the binding procedure will complete and the receiver is working normally when green LED is solid.

Only need to bind the radio ONCE. Next time the receiver will connect to the radio automatically.

DSMX Rx Version (Old)

The DSMX receiver in old Beta75/Beta65 BNF drones are using a external DSMX receiver, which is the same as this in Banggood.

There is no bind button for this receiver. You need to bind the radio everytime power on.

1) Power on the drone by inserting the battery. The yellow LED on the receiver should flash quickly.

2) On the radio, hold the bind-button while powering on the radio (or what it takes to enter bind-mode).

3) The LED on the receiver should stop blinking and shine solid when the bind is completed and successful.

Attention: connecting the USB cable will not power on the receiver.

Notice: the receiver can not remember the radio. Pilots should bind everytime power up. This feature is designed for Spektrum radio transmitter with bind stick. For Devo radio with bind setup in menu, please NOT choose this because of inconvenience.

If you get a mixed channel with your radio, please change the Serial Receiver Provider to SPEKTRUM2048 in Betaflight GUI.

Here is the details about whitch one to choose:

SPEKTRUM1024:  DSM2 mode, 6-7 Channels;

SPEKTRUM2048:  DSM2 mode, >= 8 Channels; DSMX mode.