If you get lines in your video while flying Beta85X HD whoop or using the Caddx turtle V2 camera, please check the solution here to solve it. 

Here is the feedback from Quadcopter101: I think that the lines in my video is more noticeable as the background is mostly flat sky in my video. The lines only appear when viewing the video in 1080p 60 fps but not visible in lower resolutions or frame rate. Solution Procedures:

Step 1. Power off the drone. 

Step 2. Copy the drone's camera firmware file " SPHOST.BRN" to a TF Card. 

             The firmware " SPHOST.BRN" is available in the attached file. 

Step 3. Insert the TF card into the drone's card slot. Then power on the drone (and its camera) by plugging in the drone's battery. The OSD will prompt Updating then the drone's camera will automatically upgrade.


Step 4. Wait about 30s until the upgrade is completed, the OSD will clear "Updating". You should see a black screen on FPV video indicating that the upgrade has been completed.

Step 5. Take out the TF Card.  Using your computer, delete the firmware from the TF card. Then reinsert the TF card to drone's card slot, and restart the drone. The screen will return to normal status. You can turn off the OSD character comes with the camera via 1 x 5D-OSD Menu Board.

Note:  It is very important to endure that the drone's power is not cut off during steps 3 and 4. Otherwise the upgrade will not be completed.  The firmware " SPHOST.BRN" in step 3 is available in the attached file.