Note: The firmware version of the newest batch is 4.0.3, which is not compatible with default PID, so please flash the firmware to 3.5.3. Follow below steps to flash the firmware.

Step 1

Open Betaflight, press the BOOT button, plug in the USB cable, and enter DFU mode. 

Step 2

Click the Firmware Flasher tab.

Step 3

Choose the correct firmware for the FC board.

Note: There are two methods to choose the firmware, one is to load firmware online, and the other is to load firmware local. 

Method 1:  Load firmware online
1) Select “MATEKF411” as the board, and choose the 3.5.3-MATEKF411-15-11-2018 13:35.

2) Click “Load Firmware [Online]” and wait for firmware to download.

3) Click "Flash Firmware" and wait for it finished.

Method 2:  Load firmware local

1) Click “Load Firmware [Local]”.

2) Select "betaflight_3.5.3_MATEKF411" from the computer. (If you do not have the firmware, please download it in the attachment.)

3) Click "Flash Firmware" and wait for it finished.

Step 4

Reconnect the USB, then connect the Betaflight and flash the CLI.

1) Click "Reset Settings"

2) Place the drone horizontally and click "Calibrate Accelerometer"

3) Click "CLI" and enter the command mode

4) Copy and paste CLI configuration to the command tab..(Please click here to check the CLI)

5) Click "Save to File" and restart