Note: If the drone needs to be bound every time when you power up, please input below info in CLI:
spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = OFF

Here is the binding procedure for F4 1S Brushless FC V2.1 (DSMX) . The FC is used on Meteor65 and HX100 SE .

1. Set up Betaflight

  • In Port Tab, please set as belows:

  • Set receiver communication protocol in Configuration Tab as belows

2. Send Bind Command

  • Input bind command in Cli Tab

set spektrum_sat_bind = 9


3. Enter Bind Mode

  • Unplug the USB cable. 
  • Reconnect battery with flight controller. The orange LED flashes quickly, which indicates that the flight control has entered the bind mode.

4. Bind the Transmitter

  • Choose "bind" on Transmitter.
  • When the orange LED change from flashing slowly to solid on, which indicates that it successfully bind. If you findthe binding is unsuccessful, please repeat the the above operation.