Recently we received many feedbacks from our customers ask how to bind Frsky SPI RX with Frsky X9 Lite TX. Please check the below method

1. Please make sure that the protocol of Frsky X9 Lite has been flashed to ACCST protocol. If the protocol is ACCESS, it cannot be bind. Transmitter firmware can be download in this link:

2. Connect the drone with the computer and open the upper monitor of Betaflight, the transmitter will enter bind status.

3. Connect the drone with the computer and open the upper monitor of Betaflight. Input below command in CLI tab: Bind_RX, drone will enter bind status.

4. Change frequency hopping data

  • When the drone enters the bind process, please wait for 55 secs, so that the drone can receive the frequency hopping of the transmitter. Do not operate anything in the 55 secs
  • After 55 secs, input the “diff” command in the CLI tab, you will find the following data. If the following data cannot be found, please repeat the fourth step and extend the waiting time to 70 secs or more.

set frsky_spi_tx_id = 43,198

set frsky_spi_offset = -51

set frsky_spi_bind_hop_data = 1,201,166,131,96,61,26,226,191,156,121,86,51,16,216,181,146,111,76,41,6,206,171,136,101,66,31,231,196,161,126,93,56,21,223,186,151,116,81,48,11,211,178,141,106,71,36,255,255,255

  • Copy the frequency hopping data in the pic, change the 3 number in the last line “255,255,255” to “0,0,0” and add a command as transmitter number: set frsky_x_rx_num = 1 (the number can be set to1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 ). The date should as the follows after you changed:

set frsky_spi_tx_id = 43,198

set frsky_spi_offset = -51

set frsky_spi_bind_hop_data = 1,201,166,131,96,61,26,226,191,156,121,86,51,16,216,181,146,111,76,41,6,206,171,136,101,66,31,231,196,161,126,93,56,21,223,186,151,116,81,48,11,211,178,141,106,71,36,0,0,0
set frsky_x_rx_num = 1


5. Once you get the frequency hopping date, reconnect the drone to the upper monitor of Betaflight, input command “bind_rx” in the CLI tab, enable your drone to bind status, then input the complete frequency hopping date, save and exit.

6. Check whether the transmitter bind to the drone.